I started a(nother) blog!

After two reasonably successful yet ultimately short-lived attempts at this, I have decided that now is the time to buckle down and become a Serious Blogger. It turns out that ELT is a much more Serious Business than previously thought, and – in all seriousness – it turns out I know very little about it.

So, in the spirit of professional development, I’m starting an ELT blog! Some very wise people (that is, my former DOS and fellow Delta trainees) told me to do it, so therefore it must be the best (and indeed, only) solution to all my developmental needs as an English teacher. Or that’s what I’ve been led to believe by my English-teaching peers, which I feel entirely absolves me of any responsibility should this all go disastrously wrong.

Anyway, I thought I’d kick off by compiling and publishing my Blog Manifesto, which is apparently a thing that Serious Bloggers do! After all, the best kind of fun is rule-governed fun:

That ELT Blog Manifesto

  1. Write about teaching. If it’s not directly related to teaching, don’t write about it.
  2. Write what you think, not what you think other people want to hear. If your opinions eventually change, be honest about it.
  3. Listen to other people. Stop listening when it gets personal. (You can blame Twitter for that one.)
  4. Write at least once a week. (This particular pledge is definitely not going to stand the test of time, but I’m putting it down so at least I can be publicly shamed when I fail miserably at it.)
  5. All the other goals have already been taken.

That wasn’t so hard! How difficult can it be to maintain a professional blog alongside a full-time teaching schedule, anyway? ELT world, watch this space.

Published by

Sanchia (@sanchiadanielle)

EFL teacher in southern Italy.

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