Lesson Plan: All I Want For Christmas! (B2 to C1)

If your teenage students are anything like mine, then they’re absolutely exhausted and in desperate need of a fun, festive lesson around this time of year! This low-prep lesson outline uses a task-based learning format to help students tackle a Cambridge FCE/CAE-style speaking task in the context of Christmas presents.

Level: B2 to C1 (Upper-Intermediate to Advanced)
Age: teenagers (preferably working towards FCE or CAE)
Time: 80 minutes
Materials: 1 question sheet per student (comment for files)


  • By the end of the lesson, students will have practised FCE/CAE Speaking Part 3 in the context of Christmas presents.
  • Students will also be better able to use phrases for … [e.g. turn-taking, negotiating, etc.  – depending on what your students need to focus on]


1. Reading: Put students in A/B pairs. Give each student a question sheet. Individually, students number the questions from 1 to 8 (most to least interesting).
NOTE: Keep the time limit short so that students are forced to skim the questions. They’ll have plenty of time to read in more detail later.
Vinci FCE Discussion Questions A
Vinci FCE Discussion Questions B

2. Speaking: In pairs, students ask and answer their questions, starting with student A’s number 1 question, then student B’s number 1, then student A’s number 2, and so on.
NOTE: Tell students they have plenty of time to talk (10 to 15 minutes), so they should try to keep the conversation going as long as possible. This should really force them to push their conversation management strategies to the limit, giving you plenty to work with during feedback.

3. Response: In open class, students report back on what they talked about.

4. Feedback: Give some feedback on form. Here, students will need lexis associated with Christmas presents, as well as exponents for any aspects of conversation management that they found difficult. See my #ELTwhiteboard (or should I say #ELTblackboard?) below for some ideas:
Vinci FCE Blackboard 1

5. Prediction: In pairs, students discuss the best and worst Christmas presents they’ve ever given or received. While monitoring, make a note of your favourite five or six ideas, and put these on the board:

6. Speaking: Explain to students that they’re going to practise a task in the style of FCE/CAE Speaking Part 3. In pairs, students have about 2 minutes to consider each present idea and decide: What types of people would like to receive presents like these? After 2 minutes, stop them, and now ask them to decide: Which present would your teacher like best?

7. Response: In open class, students report back on the present they chose.

8. Feedback: Give some feedback on form. Here, students will need some encouragement from you to really exploit the language that you provided during the earlier feedback stage. They might also need some more guidance on exam strategy, including time management and task achievement – particularly if this is the first time your students have ever done this task. (See my #ELTblackboard above for more examples!)

9. Speaking: Move students into different pairs, and have them repeat the same task, with the aim of using your feedback to upgrade their performance.

10. Response: In open class, students report back on the present they chose. You might also like to ask them to reflect on how they did, and whether the second attempt at the task was any better/worse than the first one.
Now all that’s left to do is to wish them a very merry Christmas, and send them off on their (hopefully homework-free) holidays!

Published by

Sanchia (@sanchiadanielle)

EFL teacher in southern Italy.

120 thoughts on “Lesson Plan: All I Want For Christmas! (B2 to C1)”

  1. Hi Sanchia, browsing for Christmas activities I have come across with your lesson plan and it seems really appealing to work with teenagers some days before Christmas break. I would like to carry out it with my students and I was wondering if you could be possible to get the eight questions students must number and discuss.


  2. Dear Sanchia,
    You’ve listed some great ideas, I would love to have a copy of the material if possible.
    Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!


  3. Hello Sanchia! I was looking for materials to work on with my FCE students over the holidays, and I found this wonderful lesson plan of yours. So I’d like to ask, would you be so kind as to email me the worksheets? Thank you!


  4. Hi Sanchia,
    I’d love to do this lesson with my students. Is it possible to get a copy of your materials? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!,


  5. Hi Sanchia,

    I happened to read your post and I’d really like to try your Xmas lesson with my students. I think they would really appreciate it.
    Could you please share it?!!

    Thanks in advance


  6. Greetings from Russia!

    Thanks, Sanchia for this amazing lesson plan. It saved my life when I was looking for good discussion questions and ideas for Christmas. To be honest, I was using it for New Year (Christmas doesn’t seem to be popular in Russia in terms of celebration). Thanks again!

    Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Sanchia,
    I stumbled across this blog (great by the way) while googling Christmas lessons B2. IS there any chance you could send me the questions for student A and B? many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello, Sanchia! It looks brilliant! I’d love to do this lesson plan with my students, too. Could you be so kind and send me the question sheets? My email address: sgmandlikova@seznam.cz Thanks a lot for sharing!!


  8. Hi Sanchia,

    i’ve just stumbled across your lesson plan and it is really great. Would it be rude to ask you if you would share the 8 questions which should be numbered by the sudents? My email address is laura.lenz@hotmail.com.



  9. Hello Sanchia!
    I was planning a christmas themed lesson for my B2 class and I stumbled upon your lesson plan and I thought it looked great! Would you mind emailing the materials and questions over to me so that I may use or adapt them? Thanks so much!! =)


  10. Dear Sanchia,

    Very good lesson plan.

    Would you be able to send me over the material ie. the questions to put in order of importance.

    Kind regards,


    (English teacher in the Nort of Spain)


  11. Hi there, just made me inspired for my tomorrow´s class of B2 students.:) Could I possibly get the 2 sheets of questions? So wonderful, thank you in advance…And merry Christmas!:)


  12. Hi Sanchia, I just came across your blog in my search for something Christmassy to do with my B2/C1 class this week. Please please send the materials for the All I want for Christmas activity. It will suit them very well as they are preparing for the CAE.
    Happy holiday from Sweden!


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